RISE AND SHINE: The Little Rooster is an alarm clock AND a sex toy

little-rooster-sex-toy.jpegIf you’re looking for a better alarm clock solution that’ll wake you up, leave you feeling energised AND put a smile on your face, then we’d recommend ditching those happy clappy apps that play music or those clever wake-up lights and instead opt for the Little Rooster.

The Little Rooster is an alarm clock crossed with a female sex toy. Yep, that’s right, the team behind the gadget decided that there’s really no better way to wake up in the morning than with some sensual vibrations.

As you’d expect from any kind of alarm clock there are a number of different settings you can play around with, there are thirty power levels, different ways to start and different intensity levels. There are also “snooze” and “snoregasm” features, which vibrate really gently as you wake up. Of course the Little Rooster can just be used as a weirdly shaped regular alarm clock too, or as a sex toy by putting on the “play” mode.

Now here’s the weird part, in order to make sure it wakes you up in the best possible way, you’re going to have to “wear” it inside your underwear all night and we’re really not sure whether that’s worth the reward in the morning…

The Little Rooster is available in pink or white from sextoys.co.uk for £68.95.

Becca Caddy

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