New thumbsUp! iPhone case supports dual SIM cards

dual-sim-case.jpegIf you have a personal phone AND a business phone it can be a bit of a pain to carry both around with you all the time, then you forget which is which and start drunk calling from the business phone, then you accidentally use the personal phone on a work trip, then you have to claim some calls on expenses, then you try and just use one phone but switch the SIM cards round, then you lose one of them… You get the picture. It’s annoying.

Well now a new phone case from quirky gadget retailer thumbsUp! aims to solve all of your SIM-related problems because it allows you to swap between them with the flick of a switch.

To make the magic little case work properly you simply need to slide an adaptor into one of the card slots and then insert your SIM card. There are two compartments and two adapters available for your SIM cards, whether they’re standard or micro versions. The durable cover on the outside then slides over both of the SIMs to protect your iPhone against any knocks and scrapes too.

Wojtek Kolan, the Head of Business Development at thumbsUp!, said:

“We’re really excited about this product. After talking through the annoyances of having multiple phones for work and personal use, we realised how much easier it would be if you could swap between the two, using only your iPhone. It’s an ideal tool for those who hate to feel cut off, and a perfect example of using technology to make life simpler and cheaper!”

The Dual Sim Card Case will be available for the iPhone 4 in September 2012 and will cost around £29.99.

Becca Caddy