INSTAGRAM: 10 Top tattoo artists you should be following

We’re big fans of Instagram here at Shiny Shiny, but we think it’s just as important to follow awesome and talented people as it is to showcase the snaps you’ve taken yourself.

We’ve already written up a list telling you a few of the best celebrities and publications we think you should be following, but over the next few weeks we’re really keen to find some of the best artists and photographers that Instagram has to offer and explore how they choose to visualise their work with the help of the ever popular photo app.

This week we’ll be looking at tattoo artists, we’ve picked ten of our favourites for the gallery below, but if we’ve missed someone off that you think really deserves a mention then please get in touch using the comment box below and we’ll update the post as we go along…

A big thank you to those who sent in suggestions for this list on Twitter too!

Pic credit Instagram: @tippingtattoo

We’ve since updated this list to include our top 10 London-based tattoo artists of 2014 that you should be following on Instagram – keep your eyes peeled for wider UK, Europe, US & global round-ups soon too!

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Becca Caddy


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