Garmin launches simple, lightweight Forerunner 10 fitness watch


You might not have come across Garmin much before in the past, but take a look at its portfolio of products and you’ll see it’s a really interesting brand, creating all kinds of devices from in-car GPS systems to sports gadgets.

Up until now Garmin’s health and fitness products have proved to be some of the best on the market, but are built specially for those seriously committed to fitness who need a state of the art device with a hefty price tag. Until now that is. This week Garmin has announced a much more simple and most importantly affordable new sports watch device, called the Forerunner 10.

The watch is the latest GPS-enabled sports device from Garmin, which is super lightweight and allows you to track your time, the distance you’ve covered, the calories you’ve burned and your pace throughout the workout. You can also log all of your data over at so you can monitor how you’ve been doing over time.

The Forerunner 10 is set to be launched in the next few months and will cost around $129.99. For those who like their accessories bright and bold it’ll come in a range of different colours, including pink, green and black.

Find out more at Garmin Forerunner 10.

Becca Caddy


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