Twist: The ideal location app for flaky, late people


A new app has launched in the US that could have a big impact on those who run late, as it uses your GPS location and real-time traffic data to provide your friends, family and work colleagues with your ETA if you’re stuck in traffic or just didn’t set off on time.

Twist uses data from Bing, Google Maps and other algorithms that take into consideration certain driving styles and traffic conditions to send a text or email to those you’re meant to be meeting.

The app also aims to stop you from getting into problems in the first place by providing departure reminders, traffic condition updates and your own real-time ETA while you’re on your way, which all works to update the quickest routes in case things change.

If you’re friends with someone who often turns up late and gets caught up in traffic, then you can use Twist to request their arrival times as you’re sat waiting, which will give you a better idea of when they’re likely to turn up.

The app is currently only available in the US, but it’s set to come over to Europe soon, so hold your horses if you’re based here in the UK, you’ll just have to continue to annoy everyone you meet.

Available for US iPhone owners from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy