The top 5 running apps for your iPhone: Zombies, Nike+ & Garmin


The Olympics are on TV, making everyone feel energetic and totally into sport and it’s not raining (much) outside, so there’s never been a better time to get off your settee, move away from your computer, put some trainers on and get running, outside, where the human beings are.

Of course we can’t give you a tech solution that motivates you or hits that cookie out of your hand (maybe one day), but we can give you a list of cool apps for your iPhone that’ll track your runs, show you how to improve and share your stats with your social networks.

Whether you want to get in with the hardcore running elite, track your workouts with the help of gadgets or fill your runs with terror and bloodcurdling screams, we’ve got the right app for you.

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Becca Caddy