Solaveil app tells you when to stop being silly and get out of the sun


As many of us jet off around the world this summer to escape the British clouds and rain and more rain, it can be hard to remember to not sit out in the sunshine and bake our pale skins. Luckily there are some gadgets and apps designed to ensure we don’t lose track of time in the sun, but we’d also recommend that you use your own common sense too…

The new Solaveil app requires you to fill in a range of details about your skin tone, hair and eye colour. GPS data then detects where you are, what the local temperature is and UV estimates before everything is fed into an algorithm. The results are then used to establish SPF requirements and will then hook up with the iPhone’s built-in alarm to set of reminders when you should apply more sun lotion or seek shade.

The app will be great for picnics, outdoor activities and Olympic celebrations here in the UK this summer (assuming we catch a glimpse of any sun), but it also works abroad too.

Nicola Daniels from the Solaveil Sun Care Team, said:

“The app is geo-specific meaning wherever you are in the world, you can set a sun alarm reminder based on UV estimates, current temperature and your personal skin type. Multiple profiles can be set up on one device too, enabling families to ensure every member is helped to keep safe in the sun and enjoy their summer.”

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[Via Connected Health]
Becca Caddy