London 2012 Olympics apps, gadgets and accessories triathlon [PART THREE]

As a nation we’ve collectively whined about the London 2012 Olympics now for what feels like decades, but whether you’re still throwing a tantrum about the fact you couldn’t get tickets or have a mild anxiety attack every time TFL sends you one of those handy (read really goddam annoying) update emails, they’re happening.

There’s nothing you or I can do to stop them now. So let’s embrace the Olympics the only way we know how, with cool apps, useful gadgets and a tonne of cheesy accessories we’re sure you’ll never use again.

Everyday at 3pm (OK, more like 3.30pm) we’ll be bringing you our top three Olympic-themed gadgets, apps and other techy tat from the day, which we’ve called the Shiny Shiny triathalon (GEDDIT?). Ready… Set… Sorry.

Becca Caddy


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