Flock: Share all of the photos from that party in one place


The creators of clever content sharing service Bump have brought us a new app called Flock, which collects together all of your friends’ photos from a particular event and drags them into one handy place.

We’ve all got our favourite photo apps, our favourite filters and our favourite ways to share images with our social networks, but now Flock will solve the (oh so first world) problem of having lots of different photos of one event in lots of different places. Whether you’ve had a day out or big party with your friends, the app provides a way for you to collect the photos that everyone has taken together in an album for only you guys to view.

After you’ve downloaded the app it needs access to your Camera Roll and your Facebook account, don’t be precious about that, as connecting with your friends and their photos is kind of the whole point. It’ll then scan through all of your photos to find date and location information and will start recommending them for different albums. Once your friends sign up too it’ll do the same for them, until you have a whole bunch of albums consisting of photos from the same places for you to view privately or all decide to share with others on Facebook.

Although only one or two of our friends are using the app at the moment, we really see the value in having a quick and easy way to group photos together instead of asking each other to send that one to her and these ones to him. However, for it to work properly everyone you hang out with regularly will need to be using it, which may take some time…

Available from iTunes for free.

[Via The Next Web]
Becca Caddy