Share foodie snaps, write reviews and browse menus


There are plenty of foodie apps designed to show you the best restaurants in your area, the places with plenty of offers on or those with top rated service, but new app strips all of that information down to what really matters, THE FOOD.

Instead of reading review after review about different restaurants, gives you the all important details about the best dishes, because true foodies know a place may look a bit dodgy, have questionable service, but wow can the chef cook a damn good burger.

The app provides you with a range of ways to search for the right dishes, whether you want to browse through all users’ recommendations, look at what your friends have been eating, fancy a certain type of meal (choose steak, sushi, pizza, pasta or dessert), find the cheapest option or just visit somewhere nearby.

Once you’ve searched for a dish you can click on it in order to view basic details about the restaurant, including opening times, contact details, juicy photos of the food, reviews and a full menu.

You can share your recommendations as you eat your way around your local area too, so make sure you upload cheesy food photos, ratings and reviews to build up your profile, give your friends lots of inspiration and tell your social networks all about your eating habits too.

We love that is super simple to use and there’s already a good bank of local dishes that make our mouths water, but we do wonder whether food lovers are already content with Instagram, Twitter or even a dedicated blog and really need ANOTHER app to share their thoughts and photos? is available from iTunes for free.

Becca Caddy