Facebook FINALLY allows users to edit comments

facebook-edit-comments copy.jpg

Today Facebook has begun rolling out a new feature, which will allow users to edit the comments they make on the social network. It’s about time Zuckerberg.

Up until now if you wrote something silly/mean/misspelt in a comment you’d just have to delete it and start over again, but now you’ll see a little pencil icon next to all your comments, which you can click to make edits.

If you start amending everything do bear in mind that each comment will be flagged as Edited and if you click the link there’s a full Edit History, which will enable other users to see what you wrote before. This makes sense so that if other people comment they have context after you’ve made edits and also helps with any spam/abuse issues. However, it does mean everyone will know how bad you are at spelling.

The new feature is being rolled out to most users over the next few days.

Becca Caddy