Tech Digest launches the history of gadgets within a Facebook timeline


Shiny Shiny’s sister site Tech Digest has launched the Tech Digest Tech Timeline Project this week, a comprehensive look at the history of consumer technology all packed within the site’s Facebook Timeline.

Ever since Facebook rolled out the new Timeline layout to both individuals and pages we’ve been blown away by the innovative ways it’s been used to present information. Take a look at our round-up of cool Facebook brand pages, featuring the likes of Spotify and Lenovo.

To mark Tech Digest’s 2,500th Facebook fan and its page’s transition into a Timeline, the team have begun compiling all of the important technological innovations that have brought us to this modern digital age. From the discovery of electricity to the launch of the iPhone, the team are going to continue to fill up the timeline with more and more information as the days and weeks go by, so that it’ll eventually become your go-to source for tech dates and facts.


As you can imagine, it’s been a mammoth undertaking for the team, and one that’s going to take a little while to complete yet. So far they’ve got all you need to know about Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, LG, Samsung, NASA and Facebook just to name a few brands and companies, as well as a whole host of discoveries, inventions, record breakers and firsts!

In the next few days they’ll also be adding the likes of Google, Sony, YouTube, Sega, Nintendo, Canon and a host of other brands, facts and innovative products too!

As this is a Facebook-powered project, the Tech Digest team would love to get loyal readers and tech enthusiasts involved too.

So, if you’ve got any dates that you think the Tech Digest team have missed, or there are any facts or companies you’d like to know more about, send the Tech Digest team a message! You can contact them through their Facebook page or email the editor Gerald by pinging your thoughts over to [email protected].

So head over to and get stuck in!

Becca Caddy

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