Twitter acquires Posterous, but your Space is safe FOR NOW

Posterous Spaces

Popular blogging and sharing platform Posterous has been unexpectedly acquired by the annoying yet highly addictive Twitter, which has caused a lot of dedicated users to freak out about what happens to their Posterous blogs/Spaces/whatevs now.

Tonight founder and CEO Sachin Agarwal revealed the news on the company’s official blog and explained that he “couldn’t be happier” about the merging of Posterous and Twitter minds into a big heap of micro-blogging goodness.

Although Posterous may not be the most popular blogging platform out there, it’s certainly got a lot of dedicated users who are now worried about the well-being of their content. Although, it seems that this isn’t an abandon ship kind of acquisition just yet, according to the blog post current Spaces/blogs “will remain up and running without disruption”.

If you’re concerned about your blog or just really nosey about the deal, then check out the Acquisition FAQ, a handy resource from Posterous, and it’s great to see the company keeping users in the loop. Good work.

But, although we admire Posterous’ transparency about the Twitter deal, we’re not too sure it won’t mean the end of Spaces at some point in the future. It doesn’t bode too well that Agarwal said at the end of the blog post, “we’ll give users ample notice if we make any changes to the service”.

So although you may get plenty of time to transfer content and clear stuff out of your old blog properly, you and Posterous Spaces probably won’t end up living happily ever after.

Becca Caddy