WIN: Find all the s%!t ___ say videos in one handy place

stuff-say-large.jpgWe’ve seen many a meme become an online phenomenon since the birth of Shiny Shiny, but never have we seen one that’s become so popular so quickly that even our parents have seen (WTF) until now. The s%!t my ___ says videos have truly taken on a life of their own over the past few months, just have a quick YouTube search and you’ll find enough to waste away this boring morning.

Yes, some are stupid and irritating and maybe a bit offensive, but some are just LOL hilarious, so we don’t want them to stop anytime soon. So we were very happy to see that our lazy little minds don’t even have to go looking for these gems of online comedy gold anymore, as Buzzfeed has collected them all in one place. How thoughtful.

The website is called and you can enter any word and it’ll bring up a tonne of suggestions. Click the one that puts a smile on your face and watch it all the way through without having to even leave the site. You’re welcome.

[Via The Next Web]
Becca Caddy