Sneaky Facebook forces us to love the new Timeline with movie-making app

time-line-movie-maker.jpgThis week Facebook has launched a new application called Timeline Movie Maker, which turns all of the content from your Timeline into, you guessed it, a fancy little movie just for you.

It whizzes through the years of your life, showing you a selection of videos, updates, photos, posts from others and changes in education and profession. Once you’ve watched it you can then play around with the soundtrack, replace some photos with others you prefer and make a different movie.

It may make a sweet little video (assuming you don’t come across loads of photos of your ex or that friend you fell out with, in which case it could be kinda upsetting), but you do need to have the Timeline activated to see it. This makes us wonder whether it’s a way for Facebook to get reluctant users to switch other more willingly. Or maybe we’re just being too cynical…

Go and watch your own little life movie now at

Becca Caddy