Over Coffee: A new social network just for caffeine addicts


Rather than target its online offering at anyone and everyone (and therefore compete with the big boys of social networking), a new community called Over Coffee aims to only connect those with an all-consuming caffeine addiction.

The site’s ‘about us’ page unsurprisingly reads like an ode to coffee, that only true lovers will really understand:

“A lot can happen over a cup of coffee. You find out a friend is getting married. You end up face to face with an intimidating first date and hide behind your Cup of Joe. You disclose deep-rooted secrets. You find yourself in a new world with new people and new coffee cultures. Even when you are alone with a cup of coffee, something is happening.”

And then goes on to outline the key aims of the network:

“This site is about coffee, people, travels, and about the shared experiences that take place over a cup of coffee. In addition, you can check out coffee shops in your area, add your favorite cafes to our world map, learn about different coffee cultures all over the world, and even browse our own coffee shop on our site!”

As you’d expect, users are able to create personalised profiles and log-in using their Facebook accounts. They can then go on to upload photos, talk about coffee with others, write about their experiences of coffee, flag up good coffee shops and all other kinds of marvellous coffee-related activities.

Social networking sites that are focused on a rather niche subject or personal interests are becoming much more commonplace online, like fashion communities, such as WIWT and Lookbook.nu or green communities, like Care2.

As Econsultancy points out, Over Coffee could potentially be really successful, because it’s tapping into the already passionate (and sometimes a little obsessive) coffee loving community, “Over Coffee could prove to be a success as sharing a coffee is already a popular social experience.”

[Via Econsultancy]
Becca Caddy