Google: The Google+ circles to get a new and simple update


Although it’s not our social network of choice right now (sorry angry Google+ advocates who like to leave a LOT of comments), we are big fans of Google’s social network here at Shiny Shiny and see it has a lot of potential for individuals and brands alike.

However, we’ve heard a lot of users complaining about the fundamental friend sorting feature of Google+, those crazy, jumping little circles. It may seem simple to drag and drop faces onto specific circles for some, but it seems this sorting process really puts a lot of people off.

Well, Google may have begun to address that problem as its circle editor is set to get a revamp in the next few weeks. According to Google Product Manager Sean Purcell, there’ll soon be a new left-hand navigation menu to make finding the right people even easier, there’ll also be more integration with your Gmail address book, suggestions about who to follow and the circles will be shrunk to look better on smaller screens too.

By making the circle editor even easier to use and introducing friend recommendation tools Google+ is bound to gain even more of a dedicated following in 2012. But does Facebook REALLY need to be watching its back? We’re not convinced quite yet.

[Via The Next Web]
Becca Caddy