Facebook: New Timeline-style features come to groups


This week Facebook has begun rolling out a new look for its groups, which sees eight random members’ faces across the top of the screen, a feature much like the Timeline cover photo, and we’re not sure whether we love it or hate it…

Group administrators will be receiving messages telling them about the new photo bar over the next few days, and will be given the option to scrap the faces and choose a ‘group cover’ instead, as long as it’s wider than 400 pixels.

Despite the fact some of the group cover photos may end up looking a bit weird (depending on how weird your members are, obviously) it’s a good move from Facebook rather than prompting admins to upload a photo themselves that they may never get round to doing.

Groups now also have a new translucent navigation bar under the cover photo too, which makes it easier to move around the members and content.

The update distinguishes groups from pages and personal profiles more than ever before, but has had many questioning whether pages will get a similar treatment in the next few months…

Becca Caddy