YouTube launches Your Film Festival story telling competition

your-film-festival.jpgOur favourite time-sucking video community YouTube has today launched a new global competition called Your Film Festival, which will see one aspiring film-maker win $500,000 and work with Ridley Scott to bring their ideas to life on the big screen. What. A. Prize.

YouTube is working with the Venice Film Festival and Emirates to begin the global competition, which aims to find the best story teller who can showcase their skills in a video hosted on the site in under 15 minutes.

Audiences across the world will then cast their votes before ten finalists are jetted off to the Venice Film Festival. The overall lucky winner will then go on to work with Ridley Scott and a production team to turn their short clip story into an actual movie.

If you desperately want to show the world just how creative and talented you are with a camera you’ve got until the 31st March to upload a story. From what we can tell the entry criteria is pretty vague, just submit a story that’s 15 minutes long, whichever genre you please, and the most popular will win. Even if you don’t decide to enter yourself, the entries are bound to be pretty entertaining and diverse, perfect afternoon procrastination videos and probably a little more insightful than that talking cat.

Check out the official Your Film Festival channel for more information.

Becca Caddy