Stitchtagram's Instagram pillows: More stuff you don't need

a12i-instagram.jpgWe love Instagram here at Shiny Shiny, we love writing about it, talking about it and sharing our silly snaps with our followers. But how far is too far when it comes to Instagram merchandise? Well, we think decorating your house with retro shots of food is about as much as we can take.

New service Stitchtagram (see what they did there?!) makes custom handmade cushions from your cheesy Instagram snaps. You get to pick which ones are used with the company’s handy layout tool and then they’re printed at Stitchtagram HQ in the US.

Yeah, it sounds OK in theory and there’s all kinds of merchandise you can have your photos printed onto already, like mugs, stickers, iPhone cases and other things you’re highly likely never to use. But, there’s just something about Instagram pillows that seems a little OTT. Maybe if you’re really talented when it comes to mobile snaps and your the results look fairly professional you could get away with photographic furnishings, but until then no one wants to visit a house with grainy shots of cats, food and quirky street grafitti dotted around. Do they?!

If you think your life wouldn’t be complete without carefully selected Instagram shots on soft furnishings then check out Stitchtagram.

[Image via Stitchtagram]
Becca Caddy