Facebook brings users new Timeline Open Graph apps


Today Facebook has launched a series of new applications that allow users to enhance their timelines and have interactions beyond the standard “like”, “comment” and “share” functions we’ve become accustomed to.

Using a “user-action-object” language, Facebook now allows for more app-specific interactions. So, a cooking app for instance could have see Becca (the user) cook (performing an action) a Pot Noodle (object), or Anthony (the user) play (performing an action) Xbox 360 (object).

There will also be the possibility for apps to interact with each other (perhaps diet and fitness apps for instance) while Facebook is now open to all public app submissions too.

According to the official Facebook blog, some of the revamped apps include Pinterest, Rotten Tomatoes and Ticketmaster and there’ll be many more to come in the future for all kinds of different users and interests.

The team are also keen to point out that users will have control over what’s shared and can quickly get rid of the app if it’s not working for them. Those who are already really frustrated by the new Guardian app might tend to disagree through…

Becca Caddy