CES 2012 – More fitness and health gadgets – Basis, Qualcomm and Striiv

CES 2012 is in the home straight now and soon the exhibitors, bloggers and industry hangers-on will be leaving Las Vegas and jetting home.

One of the hottest trends at this year’s show has been health and fitness gadgets and we have already compiled a list of some of the best here.

However they keep on coming, and here are a few more for you to check out.

The Basis, a wrist based rival to the FitBit, Jawbone Up and BodyMedia Fit

We like the design of this Fitbit Ultra and Jawbone Up rival as it looks more stylish and high tech. As for features it has many you’d expect, like a 3D accelerometer to track your movements, temperature gague and a heart rate monitor.

Qualcomm’s Alivecor software and how it saves lives

Do mobile self-diagnosis devices mean people could get more accurate assessments of their health than they necessarily would from their doctors? Qualcomm thinks so.

Second generation Striv ‘pedometer on steroids’ on its way

Everyone’s favourite pocket pedometer to get even smarter.

Forget hospital Matrons – here comes Ava the healthcare robot from iRobot

At CES 2012 iRobot, the company that makes the Roomba home-cleaning robots, was parading its Ava bot, a three-to-five-foot tall robot with an Apple iPad for a head. And it could be heading for your nearest hospital.

Ashley Norris


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