Will Bottlenose change the way we use social media?


If you’re the type of person who signs up to every new social network as soon as it launches, tweets, updates their status and likes everything on Facebook, snaps photos for Instagram and Flickr, pins a load of photos on Pinterest and reads all kinds of blogs, then just getting through the sea of information on a daily basis can lead to what’s commonly known as ‘social media meltdown’.

Well according to Mashable this morning, a new service called Bottlenose aims to cherry pick the best bits of your social networks and feed them to you in a way that doesn’t lead to lots of panicking and procrastination.

Bottlenose basically works by allowing you to customise what you can see into feeds. So for instance, you can make sure you see all of your friend’s work related posts from every network in a feed, but nothing to do with their kids. The same goes for different topics and industries, things that are trending and content from highly influential people.

This all sounds interesting but a little dull and the thing that really stands out about Bottlenose is instead of viewing all of these feeds in a long list or RSS reader format, you can see it as a node map. Bottlenose also employs an advanced kind of linguistic analysis tool too, in order to better understand the information it filters and make sense of it at the other end.

Bottlenose is a great idea, as it puts the power into the hands of the users. If people can be bothered to sort through, make feeds and get used to the crazy node map interface then it could certainly be an invaluable tool for social media addicts. But then again a lot of services aim to help us manage our social networks and just end up confusing the matter even more.

Take the tour of Bottlenose and tell us what you think.

[Via Mashable]
Becca Caddy