Get your .XXX domain names today

xxx-domain-icon.jpgBack in September businesses could claim their .xxx domain names in order to start their own adult entertainment empire, or just protect against future brandjacking incidents.

Well today anyone can get their own .xxx domain name, regardless of whether you’re representing a huge porn empire, just a guy with a camera looking to make a name for himself in the world of adult entertainment or someone who wants .xxx after their name just for a laugh. Although if you’re not intending to show dodgy content, it might be worth saving your pennies as these sites will be scanned in a certain way, restricted by some providers and won’t be as prevalent in search results in the future.

Stuart Lawley, the CEO of ICM Registry (stewards of the top-level .xxx domain), said:

“Availability of .xxx domain names is on a first come, first served basis […] The new .xxx domain functions as a responsible alternative for sites that offer adult entertainment content and related services. All .xxx sites are appropriately labeled and McAfee Malware scanned. This means Internet users have a clear indication in advance of a site’s content and can surf the Internet with more confidence.”

Somewhere in the region of 100,000 .xxx domains are going live on Tuesday.

The ICM Registry campaigned for many years to get the green-light for .xxx domains before getting approval earlier this year. However, it’s no surprise that big players in the porn industry have been sceptical about the introduction of the new suffix, fearing that it could isolate their position on the web.

Becca Caddy