Will new social bookmarking tool Whishin put an end to unwanted presents this Christmas?

dear-santa.jpgWe’ve all been there, you’re given a present by a friend or relative and it’s nice, you’re really grateful, you smile and say thank you, but really you know it’s going in the bottom of a cupboard or it’s being wrapped up next year for someone else. But will a new social bookmarking tool mean the end of unwanted presents, or will it just confuse frantic Christmas shoppers even more?

Whishin is a new website and social bookmarking tool, which allows you to create wish lists of items you’ve come across online and then share them with whoever you please.

Just like the bookmark buttons you can get with Delicious, Pinterest or Tumblr, Whishin can sit in your bookmarks bar ready and waiting for you to find that perfect gift that you want to send to your wish list.

Charlie Rowan, the founder of Whishin, said:

“Now everyone in your family can have access to what you actually want this year. Christmas has always meant endless lists which either get lost or get you confused. With whishin there is no more forgetting where you saw that special gift, or cutting and pasting the web link and sending to loved ones. By using the whishin.com bookmarking tool you can now store all the details in one place at a touch of a button and share with friends and family to leave a few heavy hints! Children can even make a special list for Santa.”

For those who don’t already use the likes of Pinterest or Delicious, we imagine Whishin will be a great tool to keep gift ideas together in one place. If you can persuade relatives and friends to take a peek it’ll be even more effective, and not just at Christmas time either, it could well change the way we buy for birthdays and other celebrations too.

However, we do wonder whether Whishin and similar wish list sites and apps take the magic out of Christmas a little. Shouldn’t it be about quirky, heartfelt gifts and not just buying you loads of the stuff you’ve been coveting? Or are we being blinded by the haze of Christmas and not being realistic enough?

Becca Caddy


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  • Amazon have been doing this for at least 3 years where you can add any item from any website into a wish list & share it with friends and family. I’ve been using Amazon Wishlist for years and rarely get unwanted gifts anymore.

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