Study finds far too many people drop their phones down toilets

phone-in-toilet.jpgI’m sure many of us have experienced that heart sinking moment when the mobile phone which cost us as much as our monthly rent drops into a toilet/sink/river. Of course even if you do manage to retrieve it, chances are it’s damaged beyond repair after its little swim (although the rice trick is meant to be very effective).

A new study from mobile comparison website GoodMobilePhones has found that these kinds of accidents happen far too frequently, with more than 31% of the 1,937 questioned revealing they’ve had a water-related incident with their phone in the past.

Interestingly (and pretty unsurprisingly in my opinion) men are the worst for hurling their phones into puddles and sinks, making up 73% of all reported water damage incidents.

However, what we find most worrying is a huge 47% of all the water mishaps are from people dropping their phones in toilets. Now this does make us wonder whether these slip ups are due to simple clumsiness or a few too many drinks… We just hope that the toilets in question were nice and clean, we’d hate to think you’d have to embark on some kind of Transpotting-esque retrieval mission. Eugh.

Oh and the 3% who reported leaving their phones in clothes which were then put into the washing machine should be ashamed of themselves. Come on people of the UK, let’s start treating our mobile friends with a little more love and respect in future.

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Becca Caddy

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