Starbucks' mobile payment application launching in January

starbucks-logo-green.jpgStarbucks will soon be launching a new mobile app in the UK, which allows its users to buy drinks just with their phones.

The app, which is set to enter the UK market on the 5th of January, has already proved successful in the US, as more than 20 million transactions have been made since June. The purpose of creating a mobile payment app is to reduce transaction times and hopefully eliminate many of the long queues you find in more popular stores.

Earlier in the year there were rumours that Starbucks would be one of the first brands in the UK to accept contact-less NFC payments, which have already been introduced in the US. However, it seems Starbucks doesn’t want to wait for that kind of technology to come over to this side of the pond and has instead decided to go its own way for now. Brian Waring, VP of marketing and category for Starbucks in the UK, said:

“We wanted to find a way for them to pay in the quickest way possible. Because our customers want it, we have created our own custom-built mobile payment technology rather than waiting for the near field communication technology which is currently not widely available. We’re always thinking of new ways to add value to our customers and give them more reasons to choose Starbucks.”

The app will be available for iPhone devices and will allow customers to integrate their Starbucks Card to make payments by using a barcode that’s scanned at the till. This will also mean users are more likely to make use of their Starbucks Card rather than stuff it in their wallet and forget about it, with it they can check their balance and collect rewards. The My Starbucks Reward initiative, which basically allows loyal customers to get free stuff for buying so much corporate coffee, has only just been launched in the UK and will likely play an important part in encouraging more people to make mobile payments too.

The app is set to launch on the 5th of January 2012 in all 700 of the brand’s little green stores.

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Becca Caddy

One thought on “Starbucks' mobile payment application launching in January

  • Starbucks Mobile Pay is linked to a prepaid card and I, as many others, just don't want to be using such cards. There is no reason anyone who can get a credit card should use a prepaid one, which has no effect on your credit score and gives you no rewards. Moreover, why should I get any payment card, which can only be use at Starbucks? If I did that, I should probably do the same for Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and many others? Where would that end? It simply makes no sense to me.

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