Cash strapped Brits take out mobile contracts to give 'free' gifts this Christmas

signing-contract.jpgIt’s tempting to sign your life away to a lengthy mobile contract to get that shiny new phone, but luckily logic often overtakes greed and we learn to patiently wait for the latest gadgets rather than spend a fortune on them every month (most of the time anyway).

However, this year research has found that a record number of Brits are planning to sign up to mobile contracts themselves so they can then get a “free” gift to give away as a Christmas present.

The study conducted by phone comparison website, found that 18% of the 2,063 questioned planned on taking out a mobile contract so they’d be able to give loved ones a much better gift than they could usually afford. Unsurprisingly 41% of those considering signing up to a long contract had their sights set on an iPad 2.

We’re not sure whether this scheme is cheap, cheeky, an example of heartless self-sacrifice or just a little sad…

A total of 2,063 adults aged 18 or over responded to the online study carried out by

[Image via KOMUNews]
Becca Caddy