Spotify introduces apps into its music streaming platform

spotify-apps.jpgThis evening Daniel Ek, the founder and CEO of Spotify, revealed the brand’s next evolution, App Finder, set to bring a wealth of apps to the popular music streaming platform.

According to Ek some of the “best and the brightest” contenders of the music and app industries are keen to become part of the service, with the likes of, Rolling Stone, Songkick, Fuse and The Guardian all readying different app offerings for the platform.

All of these apps will be able to integrate with Spotify’s current catalogue of 16 million tracks and the very good news is they’ll be available to both free and premium users.

There are a few different ways the apps can work and the Spotify blog gives users some interesting examples:

“Let’s say you’re listening to a new track and you’d like to know the lyrics. Just click over to the TuneWiki app and see all the words of the song perfectly synced as you’re listening.

“Maybe you want to see a gig this weekend? Check out the Songkick app to find out if any of the artists in your library are performing near you. Then get your hands on tickets with a few clicks.”

The App Finder will become part of Spotify’s desktop application in the left-hand toolbar, with various pop-up elements appearing on top of the usual Spotify experience.

According to recent reports the App Finder will go live next week and will be part of an automatic update for existing users.

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Becca Caddy