No surprise as Ebuyer website crashes during £1 Cyber Monday sale

ebuyer-icon.jpgToday is Cyber Monday, seen by some as a brilliant day to buy discounted products online and others as a silly marketing ploy to take advantage of frantic shoppers post Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

Regardless of whether you hate it, love it, or just see it as a crazy phenomenon from the US, many retailers are offering hugely discounted products to keen shoppers looking to get a bargain before Christmas. One such retailer is popular gadget website Ebuyer, which launched a Cyber Monday sale today offering customers many items for only £1. Yes £1.

All kinds of products, from cameras and games through to laptops and PCs were offered for £1, which sounds a little crazy, but also pretty damn good for bargain hunters, right? Well no, because Ebuyer very naively assumed its website was up to the job of supporting all of the frantic £1 orders when in actual fact it crashed pretty quickly.

Chances are the outage isn’t down to anything malicious, it’s just a problem caused by the sheer number of people trying to access the crazily low deals. Come on Ebuyer, it’s not rocket science. You massively reduce expensive items to just 100 pennies and don’t think to rent out a crazy amount of server capacity to compensate for the insane stampede of traffic?! Shame on you.

Anyway, if you’re feeling angry about the crash go check out Ebuyer’s facebook page where disgruntled (but surprisingly humorous) shoppers are sharing their thoughts and are bound to cheer you up.

Becca Caddy


  • The only items I saw for sale were crappy outdated items that would have very little value to anyone! Full of Wii accessories or old ear phones. Useless sale.

  • Ebuyer limited access to to their £1.00 sale to 500 people at a time, and 95% of what they were selling you could find in any £ store, it was junk. This was a clearance sale of unwanted stock, sweetened by the fact that every hour or so they would include a real bargain, like a flat screen TV for £1.00, or an X58 Motherboard for £1.00 etc, but then you had 500 punters pressing the buy button at the same time for the same high value item, web pages were crashing, the whole scenario was a joke, those that did complete a transaction got an out of stock email soon afterwards. They should have just pulled the plug on this fiasco at 10.30 am this morning when nobody could even access the web page because their servers couldn’t cope. This has done Ebuyer’s rep no good whatsoever going by the tweets and facebook comments I’m reading.

  • and surprise surprise … noone on the facebook page seems to be actually getting anything for £1. Can you say publicity stunt anyone ?

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