APP OF THE DAY: Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has now officially launched


Yes, we know, we know everything has been a little too Google-centric recently, hasn’t it!? But, we just had to tell you about the latest announcement on the Official Gmail Blog that Google has now just launched its official app for iOS devices.

Google promises the application combines everything that’s great about the Gmail mobile web app and everything that’s great about iOS into one slick and handy application. That’s quite a promise Google.

Here are a few of our favourite features:

1. You can be alerted to new emails by push notifications, meaning you can respond as quickly as possible. We imagine this will be a big time saver during the week, but a hell of a pain if you often get work emails on a weekend.

2. There’s advanced search functionality across your whole inbox, meaning there’s no messing around looking in separate folders for that elusive but important email.

3. A feature will allow you to attach an image to an email from your device with just one click.

4. If you’re using an iPad device you can browse through your emails and read mail at the same time with split view which divides the screen up into two.

5. If you’re a big fan of the Priority Inbox tool then you’ll be happy to know it’s integrated into the app too.

6. You can organise and view your emails in the way you’re using to, as you can scan through threaded conversations, archive and label all of your messages.

7. Use all of the gestures you’ve become used to in the native iOS mail app, like swiping up to refresh your messages.

Available from iTunes RIGHT NOW for Free.

Becca Caddy


  • Downloaded it, opened it, it came up with an error about notifications before even signing in… looks the same as the web app, acts the same, including not letting me have full access to my full contacts list, and pretty much does everything that the native mail app already does, maybe differently, but slightly better… the reason I don’t use the web app is the reason I delete this within five minutes… too fiddly, doesn’t give me everything I need, and I am much better off with Gmail through ActiveSync/Exchange.

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