Had surgery? A first kiss? Facebook life events get even creepier

facebook-life-events.jpgA few months ago, when I first switched over to the new Facebook timeline, I noticed that the crazy social network wanted me to take over-sharing to a whole new level and update my friends of my illnesses, new tattoos and house moves. This all makes sense in Facebook’s attempt to turn our timelines (remember they won’t be profiles anymore soon) into just that, detailed, linear accounts of our lives.

However, today it seems things have got even creepier, as you can tell your friends about all kinds of events, which are probably a little too personal, sensitive and in many ways irritating in our eyes.

Here are a few that just seem a bit wrong for all kinds of reasons:

Living > Add a roommate
Living > Add a vehicle
Family and relationships > Ended relationship
Family and relationships > Lost a loved one
Health and wellness > Changed eating habits
Health and wellness > Lost weight
Health and wellness > Got glasses
Health and wellness > Had surgery
Health and wellness > Diagnosed with an illness

But why does it seem so strange to share this kind of news on Facebook?

After all, if you already write lots of updates, tweet regularly or have a personal blog, chances are you’ll be telling people about many of these things anyway.

Well, we think it’s two-fold, firstly some of these “life events” could get irritating. How many times will diet and exercise fanatics want to tell you they’ve lost a few lbs? What about changing eating habits and getting glasses too? BORING.

Secondly (and the thing we have the biggest issue with), the act of pressing a button to document some of the more huge and upsetting events just seems, well, plain wrong.

So do you think we’re being overly sensitive about Facebook again, or does the idea of alerting your friends, old schoolmates and work colleagues about the fact you’re giving up carbs for a few weeks appeal to you?

Becca Caddy