Make your iPhone and iPod Touch kid friendly with the Woogie 2


Kids just love gadgets, maybe it’s because they’re shiny or because we pay far too much attention to them. Either way, they’ll do anything to get their sticky little fingers on that clean and scratch-free screen. However, instead of trying to hide your iPhone or iPod Touch from toddlers and kids who want to play Angry Birds or Talking Carl, then try and protect your device in a much more child-friendly way. That means you don’t have to say no AND you can have peace of mind when they run off with your beloved iPhone all afternoon.

Griffin already has a very popular Woogie device which basically looks like a big green stuffed starfish. But now the brand has brought out the Woogie 2, a squishy and huggable case for your iPhone and iPod Touch with legs in both pink and blue, which keeps your device safe while your kids play with it.

The Woogie 2 has an Integrated pocket which you can seal shut with velcro, as well as a touch-through screen so you don’t lose any functionality even though your iPhone is all wrapped up. Its little legs also means it can stand upright or lay on a child’s lap, which makes it less likely for them to want to prise it out!

It’s the ideal solution to ensure no smashing, grabbing or throwing of your favourite Apple products when you’re around little ones.

Available in blue or pink for the iPod Touch and iPhone from Griffin for $19.99 / £12.95.

Becca Caddy

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