Jotly: Rate EVERYTHING you see, hear, do, touch, smell…

jotly-app.jpgIf you look through your Facebook or Twitter friend’s recent updates you’ll notice that they’re always talking about their experiences with certain things, whether they’re taking a photo of food at a restaurant, complaining about a club being really boring or raving about a new film, we’re always reviewing, rating (and more often than not ranting) about the things around us.

Well, a new service called Jotly aims to give us a way to rate everything all from within one mobile application. The idea is that we’ve all got so many apps or platforms that let us rate and review things, restaurants, places, movies, but really it might be so much easier if we had one place to rate them all and go to for reviews from our friends.

Jotly’s tagline is “rate everything” and we mean EVERYTHING. The guy in the app’s intro video is reading and writing ratings of all kinds of things, from ice cubes (no, we’re not sure how either), parking meters, girls he sees on the street (eugh), slides and even hiding spots. He takes a photo of what he’s rating, writes a few lines about it, then gives it a grade.

At first we thought this was real. Some people come up with some crazy ideas, we’ve seen cheesier videos for REAL apps, plus everyone just LOVES to rate stuff, right? But no, Jotly is just a parody and a pretty funny and convincing one at that.

However, it’d be interesting to see someone take this idea and apply it to things we’d actually want to read reviews of, like movies, restaurants and events. Not asses, hiding places and play parks.

Find out more and watch the sleazy guy rate girls in Jotly’s intro video.

Becca Caddy

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