iPad 2 Horn Stand: Simple sound amplification without a speaker

ipad-horn-stand.jpgOur little minds were blown away when we heard about the phone in a glass trick to act as a make-shift speaker. Yes the sound is a bit tinny, but put your phone in a big glass, play music and it’s a LOT louder. Ahh simple things.

Well, this iPad 2 stand from Thumbs Up! is similar, amplifying the sound from your iPad without the need for a bulky speaker, just a simple little horn. It acts as a stand too, so prop your iPad 2 up horizontally or vertically and turn your music of choice on. The horn then collects the sound from the speakers and projects it into the room, boosting it by around 15 decibels.

Not only does it work well, but it looks simple and stylish too, so it’s ideal for those who need a break from cutesy speakers and just want something that makes your iPad a bit louder without bulk or fuss.

From Thumbs Up! the iPad 2 Horn Stand is available from Play.com for £16.99.

Becca Caddy