ION Audio turns your iPad into a keyboard with Piano Apprentice


The size and shape of the iPad really lends itself to “learn the piano” apps, which teach you the basics and get you playing Three Blind Mice non-stop. But ION Audio has taken it one step further, so instead of banging around on virtual keys from within an app, you can hook your iPad up to an actual keyboard, which feels much more professional and real.

The lightweight Piano Apprentice learning system has 25 touch sensitive keys and built-in stereo speakers, so it sounds much more like a traditional piano (OK, keyboard) than the run-of-the-mill apps too.

Alongside the Piano Apprentice app, you can learn how to read music and how to play some basic pieces too. To make it even easier the keys light up as you’re learning, spoon feeding you music basics more than ever before.

The actual piano bit is available from ION Audio for $99.99.

The app is available from iTunes for Free.

Becca Caddy