Our supercheesetastic motivational Spotify playlist

spotify-playlist.jpgWe love Spotify here at Shiny HQ and spend far too much time putting together playlists to match our mood. Luckily it can sneakily be filed under research! There is an upbeat one, an indie one and an angry one…

Yet again the conversation moved on to music today and more precise motivational songs. We got onto this topic as we’ve just finished reading this new book called Stop Thinking Start Doing which is all about… well stop putting things off and following your dreams. If you want to do something but secretly fear you’re never going to do it, whatever that might be, then this book might help you (it’s only in paperback now but will be available on the Kindle very soon!)

So we set the Shiny team to the task of collating a motivational Spotify playlist for those times when you need a bit of uplifting music, whether it is a 20 mile jog in the freezing cold, keeping your blog up to date or just doing whatever it is you’ve been putting off for weeks.

Check out ShinyShiny’s cheesetastic motivational Spotify playlist here.

Now the list is nowhere near complete so have a listen and let us know what is missing. And yes we are well aware that there are some cringe-worthy choices in there… Motivational music might make you cringe at times, but there is nothing like a bit of Bon Jovi or Survivor to lift your spirits.

Elisabeth Edvardsen

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