Griffin launches bright stylus range for winter to keep fingers warm


Griffin has launched a new range of bright, eye-popping styluses (we have no idea what the correct plural for stylus is… styli?) to brighten up wintery days and most importantly keep your fingers wrapped up warm inside your gloves.

We’re so used to using our fingertips to control our gadgets, but as it gets colder only special touchscreen gloves are going to make sure we don’t get frostbite or something, and they’re often not very cute and cuddly.

So, the Griffin styli are ideal and have a small rubber tip at the end to mimic your finger so your phone or tablet won’t know any difference. They’re also great for getting a bit creative and drawing, sketching or aimlessly doodling the day away.

Available from Griffin Technology for $19.99 / £19.99, you can choose from Violet, Poppy, Spring and White shades but we’ve got our eyes on the Aqua.

Becca Caddy


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