Do gamers REALLY hate 3D consoles?

nintendo-3ds.jpgI’ve tried to get my eyes used to them on numerous occasions, but wow do 3D games and movies make me feel travel sick.

Considering everything is becoming 3D nowadays, I accepted the fact that maybe I just have a weird, messed up head/brain/pair of eyes but it seems I’m not the only one that gets sick of 3D from time to time (OK all of the time). Not only was there all kinds of controversy when Nintendo launched its 3DS device earlier in the year and gamers felt a bit too queasy, but a new study has proved that even hardcore gamers are apprehensive about the new consoles that are rumoured to be 3D enabled.

The study recently conducted by games comparison marketplace of more than 1,000 self confessed gamers found that over half wouldn’t be in favour of more consoles adopting 3D technology, which is a pretty big deal considering that the next reincarnation of Microsoft’s Xbox games console, known as Xbox 720, may well be 3D enabled.

Although the possibility of 3D enabled games doesn’t seem to put the same bunch off too much, with 65% of them saying they’re still likely to buy Xbox 720 regardless of any irritating new features it may or may not have.

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Becca Caddy


  • @berysax – I’m jealous! I’d get so much done if I could read in moving vehicles!

    @dcj91x – Yes, the 3D is VERY different, but some people still don’t tend to like it no matter if they’re wearing glasses, at the movies or playing on a 3DS, although I imagine like you say some prefer one more than others. I personally can’t play on a 3DS, my eyes just hate it! But maybe that’s just something wrong with my eyes :) And the original study didn’t say hate as you can see in the body of the text, I used that in the title because I think I was letting my personal opinion through a little too much! It’s great, my eyes just can’t cope.


  • I find the whole “lumping” everything 3D into one catagory a bit disturbing. I can not watch 3D movies in theaters as it really bother me and makes me a little sick but I play everything on my 3DS at full 3D and have no problems. I have also had the same problem with 3D TV’s. It could be due to the glasses, which leads me to think. If there is such a difference to me looking at my 3DS without glasses and watching a movie or a 3D TV with glasses, why do they always put it in the same catagory. The 3D on the 3DS is different than the 3D you find in theaters. The depth appearance on the 3DS makes it streatch out away from you and does not put it right up into your face. In essence you are looking out a window with the 3DS and not having things thrown at you like it is done at theaters. So it would really be nice if all these “I hate 3D” surveys actually made the difference clear… Just because you hate the color “Green” does not mean you hate the color “Blue” as well.

  • I love my 3DS. I cannot get enough 3D content out of my 54′ plasma. It doesn’t make me sick, but then again I can also read in moving vehicles with no problems. :D

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