APP OF THE DAY: Trick or Tracker keeps kids safe this Halloween


Trick or treating has become a HUGE tradition on Halloween, with kids of all ages running around the streets dressed as vampires, ghouls and witches asking strangers for sweets. Although tiny children are happy to walk around with their parents, those a little older are keen to go out in big groups of pirates and pumpkins that are all a similar age.

Obviously this is a bit of an issue for parents who already get worried about their kids during the day, let alone at night time. Well, a new app from Iconosys called Trick or Tracker aims to keep your kids safe while they roam around. You simply download the app to your phone and to your child’s phone and then use GPS to track where they are at any given time.

Parents have a “where’s my child?” button if they want to know where there children are and then the little ones also have a range of buttons, such as “where am I?”, “send location” and “where’s my parent?”. You can also set up a geo-fence, which means you’re notified if your kids go too far out of a certain area.

This is certainly a bright idea from the mobile safety developer, but we can’t help but think there are one or two big problems with the app. Firstly, your child must be using an Android device for it to work and it could also prove a bit dangerous that you’re encouraging your child to carry round a fancy smart phone.

Still, it’s worth a try if you’re often anxious about where your kids are. You can download the application from the Trick or Tracker website for Free on the night of Halloween, or use it all year round to keep tabs on your little ones for $4.99.

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Becca Caddy


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