APP OF THE DAY: Shoebox lets you scan and share old vintage photos


The only thing better than a photo you’ve taken and edited to look stereotypically ‘vintage’ is a real photo from the actual past (not the fake past), which already has that sepia hue and grainy look built-in. The only problem with those kinds of classic shots is that they’re often stuck in your aunt’s photo album or sitting in a shoebox under some elderly relative’s stairs.

Well, a new application quite aptly named Shoebox allows you to scan and share old photos, so they’re no longer just wasting away in a cupboard somewhere.

The great thing about Shoebox is it knows that scanning in a load of old, raggy photos is tricky, so it has edge detection and perspective correction capabilities to ensure the final result is as accurate as possible.

All photos that you’ve scanned in are then uploaded to photo storage site where you can apparently store them for free, forever. Handy.

Once they’re uploaded you can crop, straighten and rotate your images, go on to tag relatives and friends and even add information, captions and dates, meaning it’s turned into a kind of online scrapbook that you can customise as apposed to a boring and static storage solution.

You don’t have to just keep your photos hidden in if you don’t want, you can share them to Facebook and Twitter too. However, we get that some people may want to keep their images to themselves and with no privacy options just yet you need to ask whether you really want to share your family history with EVERYONE before you start scanning.

Of course you could just get a good scanner and transfer everything across to your computer by yourself, but Shoebox is a much quicker and easier solution for anyone who comes across an actual shoebox full of photos they want to keep forever and share with family and friends.

Available from iTunes for Free.

Becca Caddy