APP OF THE DAY: Fanatix connects music lovers with friends at the same event


If you’ve managed to get tickets to see your favourite artist perform but don’t like being the kind of person to brag about where you’re going and what you’re doing constantly in Facebook updates, then you’ll need another way of finding out which of your friends are going to be there too. You could set up an event on Facebook and invite your mates (which seems a little lame), or you could try the new app and platform Fanatix, which aims to connect you with everyone you know at all kinds of gigs, live shows and sporting events.

The fan discovery and group messaging application basically syncs up with your Facebook account and matches your friends with a database of more than 200,000 concerts and sport events. So, you can easily discover who’s going to the same event and start a group chat via iMessage with them to arrange where you might meet up beforehand, find out if anyone has got extra tickets or talk about how excited you are.

As a word of warning, we’d recommend you have a bit of a Facebook cull of people that annoy you before you get Fanatix, otherwise that sleazy guy you met back in college will be following you around all night. Or maybe it’d be good to keep him on your friend list so you’ve got time to prepare and go in disguise instead…

Available from iTunes for Free.

Becca Caddy


  • It is a cool app. Amazing that no-ones done this before now. Syncing social graph and live entertainment works really well :)

  • Was using this for the first time last night during the Arsenal Bolton game. Really good app, will be interesting to see how it works at gigs etc.

  • Really good fun, actually. Liking the idea of checking in to events and chatting with fans rather than checking in to venues to alert stalkers of my whereabouts. Thank you, Fanatix.

  • It is a great App. Me and my mates are enjoying the banter on the imessage and have even bought tickets through the App. Cool website too.

  • Cool review, I might have missed this app otherwise. Very clever app. Enjoying the iMessage functionality and maps.

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