Video – Samsung's 'banned' new tablet – the Galaxy Tab 7.7

So what the hell is going on with Samsung’s latest Android tablet the Galaxy Tab 7.7? It went on display at IFA on Friday, but by the weekend had been pulled from the stand due to an injunction from Apple. As you may remember the Dusseldorf Regional Court recently granted Apple a temporary sales ban on the earlier Galaxy Tab 10.1 model in 26 of the 27 European Union member countries, and now Apple has secured another ban on the new model in Germany at least.

But if you would like to have a peek at what might go on sale in the UK at some point here’s Gerald’s video.

Ashley Norris


  • Comparison shots between the two 7(ish)-inch Galaxy Tabs are available after the break, but I’m struck by the impression that the 7.7 model has more to do with its fellow 2011 Tabs than the one it most logically replaces, the Tab 7. The latter is now a year old (almost retirement age in the tech business), which is thrown into sharp relief by the faster, slimmer, and prettier successor.

  • Galaxy Tab 7.7 features two built-in stereo speakers but sound quality is far from perfect. It is advised to use a pair of good earphones to get a high-quality sound.

    It became a good tradition for Samsung to equip their tablets with two cameras: 3MP on the back and 2Mp on the front side of tablet. Photo and video quality is expected to be as good as in Galaxy Tab 10.1 but thanks to the smaller size of the new tablet it will be much easier to hold and operate.

  • The front side of Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 features a Super AMOLED Plus display similar to one used in Samsung Galaxy S2. Needless to say image quality is terrific, colors look bright and natural, and black is really black even on the bright sunny days. Galaxy Tab 7.7 screen resolution is 1280х800, and viewing angles are really impressive.

  • A long overdue replacement for the original Galaxy Tab, The SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 7.7 is a dual-core tablet running Android 3.2. It retains the compact size of its predecessor, coming in at about half the size and weight of an iPad. The NEW GALAXY TAB 7.7 ships with the latest edition of this, version 3.2. The Android 3.2 operating system has been enhanced with SOCIAL NETWORKING services, corporate connectivity tools and even on-device encryption.

  • Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s second-biggest handset maker, unveiled the Galaxy Tab 7.7 for the first time at the annual trade fair, known as the IFA, which kicked off on Friday for a six-day run in Berlin.

    But Samsung pulled the tablet computer out of the show after a Dusseldorf court accepted on Friday Apple’s request to ban sales and marketing of the product in Germany, the company said.
    Meanwhile, Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is being

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