Spotify adds private Facebook listening – no more Bieber embarrassment


Ever since Spotify became heavily integrated into our Facebook experiences last week, users have been rejoicing and moaning in equal measures about the fact you can now see all kinds of information about what your friends are listening to.

Here at Shiny Shiny we happily embraced the changes, seeing them as a useful way to discover new music, but secretly hoping for more buttons to show our love/disgust about certain choices.

However, it looks like Spotify is set to make a few changes to stop those observing your listening habits getting so angry and give you some alone time (or ‘private listening’ as they call it) to indulge in the music you’ve missed all week because you’re too embarrassed others might see it.

In the past half hour the official Spotify Twitter account tweeted:

Now you can temporarily hide your guilty pleasures. We call it “Private listening” and you can find it in the Spotify/File menu.

It seems that this option is a simple tick/untick affair, letting you easily decide whether you want you music choices to be public or private.

Introducing this option is a VERY wise move from Spotify, as the brand has responded quickly to everyone’s complaints and lets users toggle between public and private really really easily, which should hopefully stop those already tired of the integration with Facebook from looking elsewhere for their music. For the time being anyway.

Becca Caddy

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