Poll: Should people be arrested for inciting violence on Twitter?

glasgow-riot.jpgOkay we’ve been horrified at the violence of the riots in Birmingham, London and Manchester, but should we be just as horrified at people tweeting about it? Well not just tweeting about it, but encouraging it on Twitter or Facebook?

The police say yes, and have just arrested a 16-year-old in Glasgow for starting a public Facebook page called “Let’s Start a Riot in Glasgow”.

Nothing actually happened in Glasgow despite the posts from Alexander McQuarrie from Cessnock, though he was made to shut the page down. He has been charged with a Breach of the Peace.

Essentially we’re punishing people who are stupid here – stupid enough to publish something illegal – rather than people who have actually done anything. Do you agree with that?

And then, what about freedom of expression and all that? Could you charge rap music under the same laws?


Anna Leach

One thought on “Poll: Should people be arrested for inciting violence on Twitter?

  • the police should be used to warn public offenders to disburse and the the army should go in under marshall law and use force to detain rioters and looters , looters should be shot !!!! on site

    this country is a dangerous place due to week handed government allowing society to go mad under the rule of the do gooders
    give us our rights and nuse all force neccessary to take back our streets ,

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