PICTURES: Small eco-car EN-V, stands up, looks like a shoe

Those tiny eco cars always look like shoes. And here’s another one: the EN-V concept car. Though given how weird this one is, we’re not sure it counts as a car in the first place, resembling a covered Segway more than the average hatchback.

The EN V (short for Electric networked vehicle) only has two wheels, has a joystick instead of a steering wheel, and sort of raises itself up when you get it going like some thing from power rangers.

It doesn’t have any aircushions or crash barriers, but does have a smart way of knowing that you’re about to hit another object. OH YES – and it drives itself, so don’t worry about that bit.

It will go at a max speed of 25mph and was designed by General Motors as a prototype for the dark days of the future when we all live in crammed cities with no parking space.

Browse through our pictures and lust after its weird geeky shape. But be aware it’s unlikely to hit markets for another 20 years..

Anna Leach


  • Maybe in a few years time, I’m one of a dealer of that kind of car. It will replaces all the car that use gas.

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