Does my iPad look good in this? The most desirable iPad cases

With the iPad becoming more of a staple item in people’s lives these days – I sure would like the third generation iPad that is rumoured to be announced in not too long – one dilemma us women will face is where and how to bring it with you. It’s not big enough to warrant its own over-the-shoulder full-on laptop case, it’s too small to keep in the pocket of your blazer, and while that designer bag fits it perfectly you have to be careful of keys scratching the screen.

Luckily, there are quite a few iPad covers available to keep your favourite gadget scratch and smudge free while still looking fashionable. So whatever you are after, I’m sure you’ll find the iPad case that is just right…

Elisabeth Edvardsen


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  • your ipad will look so good in these case, making it more unqiue and personal.

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