Death App Shows You Where People Have Died Nearby: GRIM

21-death-app-thumb.pngThere are truly apps for everything, including now, one that tracks where people around you have died. Death App plots deaths from road accidents and murders on your phone, using your location to work out where the nearest ones are.

There’s a web version of this in the London Murder Map or the New York Times homicide map, but this is the first time – to my knowledge – that it’s come to mobile.

I don’t know if it’s something you’d want to have on your phone, but if you do – it’s there. The app-makers claim it has potentially life-saving features:

“We’ve created something that appeals to the public’s sense of morbid curiosity,” said Tod Pedler, CEO of MobileNationHQ. “However, the Death App also draws attention to accident blackspots – to help pedestrians and cyclists navigate the streets more safely.”

It’s a web app, rather than a true app, so you can get it on your Android or iPhone by reading a QR code with a barcode-reading app like RedLaser.


Anna Leach


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