When technology meets art


Technology is not only changing the way art is viewed and distributed, but also how art is being created. Touch-ups in Photoshop is only the very beginning of this, as artists are now starting to carve out new specialties in digital spaces such as virtual reality and holographics.

The digitalisation of the creative realm is part of a cultural revolution, driven by those who have grown up with technology as a natural part of their world, argues Shane Walter of digital arts organization onedotzero. “Hybrid creators have risen, and more importantly, the appetite of the audience has skewed to a more progressive and diverse entertainment experience.”

An interesting consequence of this is how digital art is being developed not in traditional arts spaces such as galleries, but as projections, audio-visual performances or as part of live music shows.

Laura Scott delves deeper into how technology is influencing art in the brand new issue of Technode, available to download free via iTunes.

Digital art image by Brian Eno.