Supermarket Sat-nav installed in giant Essex Tescos


If you’ve ever banged your head on a trolley after spending hours roaming the aisles like a crazed thing looking for sultanas, or just got lost in a giant supermarket.. you might be interested to hear that a giant Tesco’s in Romford is thinking of installing a sat-nav system in the shop.

The proposed supermarket sat-nav would show you a floor-plan of the store, sync up with your shopping list – identify where everything you need is, and then do you up a route plan showing the quickest way to get everything in the shortest time.

Sounds like a brilliant idea. It would make the weekly shop seem a lot more like a fun game and less like a pain in the ass. Maybe they should start adding little fun game elements too.. I’d like that

Okay – supermarket sat-nav is still in the experimental phase – they’re looking for customers with Android phones willing to try it out. If you live in Romford, and have one, you certainly should. Find out more here.

[via TechforTescos]
Anna Leach


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